Week 11 – Practicing the Food Pyramid

To achieve and maintain a healthy weight over time it must make permanent changes in lifestyle. And the sooner the better. For this, there are some steps like practicing the food pyramid which undoubtedly, if you practiced you will have a tremendous impact on your efforts.

But above all towards achieving a healthy diet.  You should consult a nutritionist to learn what proper portion sizes for your specific case.

Well. your diet says you can eat “a portion of such a thing.” You go to the fridge and … question appears: how exactly is a serving?

One serving means:

Grains: ½ cup of rice, potatoes. noodles, a slice of bread, a cup of cold cereal
Vegetables: ½ cup (leafy vegetables: a cup)
Fruit: medium apple, banana. etc.. or half a cup of fruit salad
Meat: 80 grams
Dairy: A cup of milk or yogurt, 40 to 60 g. cheese.

Considering the food pyramid. recommended several daily servings of each food group. as shown here:

Nine to eleven servings of grains
Four to five servings of vegetables
Three to four servings of fruit
Two to three servings of dairy
Two to three servings of meat and soy group



However, most people eat more than the recommended daily allowance for the experts. But less when it comes to fruits and vegetables.


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