Week 10 – The Importance of Water in Losing Weight

Losing weight is one of the most difficult challenges that we face. With the list of lifestyle changes we make may seem frustrating to maintain control of calories, exercise, portion size, vitamins and everything else.

One of the easiest ways to lose weight naturally is usually not considered. This is the simple act of drinking water. For only drink water, we can increase the success of weight loss diet and improve our overall wellbeing.

The success of drinking water to lose weight can be attributed to its properties as a natural appetite suppressant.  When we do not have enough water in our body, signs of thirst are often mistaken for symptoms of hunger which sometimes causes people to have a snack instead of a glass of water.

When we started to drink water as part of our plan to lose weight, we have to go to the bathroom more often than usual, but we should not let this be an obstacle. This does not mean we are overly drinking water, what it means is that we are giving our body the opportunity to expel water that has been stored, and once the body becomes accustomed to it will always have sufficient water available, not needed store it just in case, and see how swollen ankles, hips and thighs began to lose weight according to expel excess water.

Water does much more than suppress appetite. It is also excellent for hormonal functions, the proper functioning of the metabolism, increases the amount of water your body uses for energy, and helps the proper functioning of the liver.

Now for those who wonder how the water helps the metabolism, I can explain quickly. When we are dehydrated, even slightly, our liver cannot do its job. The liver normally converts stored fat into energy, but also helps the kidneys when these are lacking water. This causes the liver to be less efficient in their functions, so it allows the body to store more fat without being converted into energy.


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