Week 8 – 5 Decisions That Determine How Much You Eat

Although we all hear about “slow metabolisms”, the harsh reality is that the reason many of us fatten (or can not lose weight) has nothing to do with our ability to burn fat.

The truth is that most people eat more than they need … without realizing it.

To find out if you’re in that group, pay attention to the following six decisions that will determine how much you eat (and, next time, you can make the right decision).

Nerves, anxiety or depression, stress, pressure and burden on completing a job on time, sadness, anger or excessive joy moods are  each channeled in different way.


This aspect is very important because it is not known concretely the amount of food you eat, if the dish contains a lot or a little oil. A food can be very healthy, but if you have more calories than they need end up getting fat


People who eat in front of the TV or computer eating a third more quantity, because it is not concentrated in food and eats unconsciously. By not paying the necessary attention, do not perceive the messages that reach the brain and warn that the stomach is full and still eat


“Low-fat” or “low in sugar” does not mean “low calorie”. A product may claim the message of “light”, “mild” or any other statement that has the same meaning if you have at least a reduction in calories, fats, proteins or sugars 30%, compared with a product similar.

Moreover, these foods are highly processed and are usually even worse (from the nutritional point of view) than the regular versions. As part of a healthy diet like the one I sale in Advocare i do not advise at all to consume any kind of processed food.


One of the best ways to identify if you are making the mistake of eating more than necessary is keeping a food diary.

I highly recommend it, because this method had work for me is with only a week writing down absolutely everything you bring to mouth (both meals and drinks), when do you eat them, in what quantities and how do you felt at that time, you will see how much you learn about your eating habits and how can you improve them.


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