Week 7 – Overweight and Self Esteem

Being overweight is not good. We all know that. But it is not just the physical aspect which we should deal.  Been overweight is generally low self-esteem and many people have it. Ignoring a state of obesity is dangerous, the pressure that the modern world puts on people to “look good” creates feelings of insecurity on those who are overweight. This insecurity often starts affecting their self-esteem and may become a major psychological problem.

To lose weight, a person must want to do it. And the reasons for losing weight can be the desire to look and feel good, and earn the respect of society in general and loved ones.

Low self-esteem in overweight people is often the cause of obesity. The family, work and social pressures may reach a point where overeating becomes a distraction to those pressures. In other words, stress leads to a lack of confidence which then becomes a feeling of being unable to cope with the situation, resorting to eating and drinking, with the expected result is weight gain.

So this means that any action to prevent or reverse the overweight or obesity status must look both psychological and physical?

It’s not as simple as it sounds and if you feel identified with this whole issue is not wrong to ask for help, on the contrary, you will benefit a lot, and I’m not just talking about professionals such as psychologists or therapists but family and friends who perhaps understand the reasons for everything that you are going thru.

If in addition besides the support of your family and friends, you have the opportunity to group, do it. Do not ignore everything you believe that can help you, give it a try. Trial and error. Finally, remember that there is no failure, just are results. If something does not work move to the next, or the next, and so … we all have tremendous potential, even you, if you cannot see it now.


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