Monthly Archives: September 2012

Week 2

Second week of the biggest loser, this week I had to put some extra effort on my eating habits, I did not do well during the first week of the challenge I had 2 burgers, 2 ice cream cones and I did not exercise two out of my five days that I needed to exercise, and the funny part is that I still lost 1 pound by the end of that week.  LOL.  This  last Friday I had to submit the weight I had lost, I did better this this week by not eating any junk food, but again, I did not exercise three out of my five days.  Yep, you may be thinking, “she probably lost one pound again” well, not really, to my surprise I had lost 3lbs! I was very surprised because I did not exercise as much as I had planned, but I did take care of my eating. I think these results had a lot to do with the fact that I am taking Advocare – a Metabolic Nutrition System that fills in the gaps of vitamins needed to give us energy during the day Proud to say, I was in the top two that lost more weight in two weeks, which make me feel good and proud.

So, Even though I did not exercise, these vitamins keep me active during the day which I think it is awesome because, I was able to accomplish allot of tasks this week and also lose some pounds.


Week 1

This week is the first of the Biggest Loser Weight Challenge.  During this week, I found out that I was going to be team captain of one of the two groups.  I don’t know why they pick me team captain, aim not the best fit one, or the one with the best physique or they just really want to challenge me on losing weight or maybe the best target to lose. What, aim saying is this? What are the odds of a chubby girl who weight 227lbs. between the rests of the skinny girls that are between 160lbs. to 120lbs. to win this challenge?   So as a team captain of the group, I really had to give some thought on how I was going to direct this team, since the girls are not fat and the first questions that pop on my mind was, If these girls feel fat it’s because they do need to lose some weight.   I started researching the weight charts and came across a Ladies Healthy Weight Chart which it was very helpful cause give me an idea per their weight and height if they need to lose weight (I don’t really want to push some one that is in normal weight to lose weight if they only really needing is to tone) but still I was not really convince that they need it to lose weight.

Also during my research, I came across to a BMI Chart.  Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to adult men and women. (1)  These information help me a big deal, on what to look for and how to really judge if they are losing any weight in a more fair prospective.


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