About Me

Hello my name is Georgina Garcia but you can call me Gina.  I am starting this blog because the school that a I’m going to told me so. I was also asked to find a subject to talk about in this Blog , but the more i think of what i’ll talk about the harder it is for me to choose so I decided to talk about what excites me the most right now and it is the subject of losing weight.

About 2 years ago I had a beautiful baby boy, but  the extra baggage he left on my body was not so beautiful.  Unfortunately, because I did not have time to take care of myself, to lose the weight right after delivery I got heavier and heavier and my knees started to hurt. it came to the point that I felt that I was caring oversize heavy coat in the top inhibiting me to move around.

In April 2012, it is when told myself that I need it to lose weight.  The first two months, I did got to lose 5lbs, but it was not a for-real diet because I was still eating a lot of junk food that I should not be eating and wasn’t exercising much.  June and July were the nicest months because I got to lose about 15lbs. In these months I got plenty of exercise and ate well,  plus I was taking a lot of antioxidants that helped me lose weight.

Because of my effort to lose weight, co-workers of mine asked me if I was wiling to do the Biggest Loser program with them and i accepted the challenge.  Now this blog is going to be focused on how things are developing during the 90 day challenge. i will include, exercises, weight feedback and nutrition.



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